school performance (of drama)!

The performance space at Treviglas school takes centre stage; it is the first thing you encounter as you enter the school. It’s interesting that this makes the arts departments highly visible to the whole school community. Whilst visiting I saw this space used as a rehearsal space for drama, dance, singing and music as well an exhibition area for visual art, a stage for a performance of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and the assembly hall and dining room. It’s a space the drama students have powerful memories of too, having performed and seen performances in it on numerous occasions. Our research focuses on the value of these sorts of experiences to the students and it was refreshing to hear from a wide range of young people about the impact of performing on their approach to learning – to paraphrase ‘If I can do that, I can anything.’ Leader of Learning for Creative Arts, Sam Colborne also highlighted the benefits to schools, teachers and students of working in partnership with arts organisations, something he suggests was a key impact of the work with the RSC. “The focus upon performance in our partnership has really engaged a large number of students, either through participating in our own productions, travelling to Stratford or hosting RSC performances here. Hundreds of students in our college and wider cluster have seen Shakespeare performed live, many for the first time.”

This poster advertises the performance of ‘Romeo Juliet’ at the school, involving 70 students across the age ranges.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 12.14.36

The photo was taken by Year 13 student Harry Brewer, who commented that the opportunities to be involved in the arts have really developed him as an individual, and opened broader horizons when it comes to career options and choices. He is applying for drama degrees as a result of his experiences.

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