Additional resources and publications

This Tate film can be live streamed from youtube or from this site.

Presentation about artists and teachers, artist teachers, arts broker teachers.

Powerpoint Presentations

These are slides that we have used when making presentations about our research. We have added notes to the slides which explain each in more detail. You can see the notes if you hover over the arrows at the bottom of the slide. If you would like to use the notes, please follow the download link below each slide show.

(1) What students say about studying the arts

Download the slides and notes about students views on the arts

(2) A comparison of the arts and cultural engagement of students in TALE schools with their peers

Download the slides and notes about students’ cultural engagement.

(3) What arts teachers did

Download the slides and notes about arts teachers and schools.

(4) The research design

Download the slides and notes about the research design.

Cultural citizenship and arts education slides

Slides from a presentation to the Royal Opera House “Thriving Child’ conference on June 28th 2019

Verbatim theatre script

At the Time to Listen launch, students from Rickards Lodge presented a verbatim theatre performance. The script was developed by the RSC using a corpus of material selected by TALE researchers. The script may be of interest to people wishing to present research results in a public forum.  Download the PDF of the Time to Listen readers’ theatre